21. Puma X Deadmau5 – Red Street Jump Mid


Sorry for the delay in the writeup of this set of shoes, I was pretty ill over the last week or so and did not get around to having time to get this done. These shoes that we have today are another collaboration between Puma and Deadmau5 from the first run of their collaboration and also oen of my favourites from the set.

These mid top shoes feature a clean colourway while invoking the same features that previous Deadmau5 collaboration based shoes have in them. Based off the Street Jump shoe they also have a nice look to them not designed off the Basket for once.20161126_150703.jpg

Most notably its the sidewall protection rubber appearing as if its a sort of wrap around extra that makes these shoes look pretty cool. These shoes today feature a largely white based shoe with accents of silder and a second main colour of red. At the back of the shoe the Deadmau5 logo appears as well as a shoelace holder and on the tag a logo changer patch. On the back a wrap around graphic text of Deadmau5 appears in the bubbling mid section and I think it looks super stylish in silver.20161126_150712.jpg

Another thing I liked that I was able to capture in images is that the swoosh and side panel features interesting patters, one dotted while the swoosh almost has a carbon fibery/overlayering pattern involved which looks really nice as it catches the light.20161126_150719.jpg

The alternate laces are a vibrant red and feature more Deadmau5 branding while the interior/outsole of the shoe are the same vibrant red making this shoe a really awesome mix of subtle colours with this popping off red which I like a lot.

Year of Release: July 2011
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Puma X Deadmau520161126_150735.jpg


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