22. Puma X Mihara Yasuhiro – MY-41 Beetroot Black


With the latest posting I felt that it I am due to post another one of my Mihara Yasuhiro sets. This set is not my favourite and I fully suspect they may be used or have some form of wear on them, they still have really cool features though.

The Puma MY-41 shoe is one of the bigger sets in the MY collection in that there are a lot of colourways available for it, this post covers the black on beetroot colourway available.20161126_140535.jpg

This set of shoes are very simple on first look with a very flat black colourway however theres a lot of fun features within this shoe.20161126_140608.jpg

A side on shot highlights the fun features of this shoe. Featuring multiple fabric designs of leather, cotton and suede the upper has a fun combination of features while the sole is very unique.20161126_140623.jpg

Featuring two wraps of rubber the front section has a simple patterned section and a ring of beetroot colouring which wraps all the way around. The main wrap features multiple coloured rubber as well as a fun drip design as if it is melting into the actual sole of the shoe which is a really nice little feature. By and large though these shoes feel very bland and quite boring, but I felt I needed a set of MY-41 to be within the set and they were cheap (also those shoelaces are really cool).

Year of Release: Spring/Summer 2009 earliest release of MY-41 colourways
Brand new (from the seller), Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Mihara Yasuhiro


Normally I don’t write anything after this last shot but my query on if these are brand new lies on the wear on these soles. I have no clue what it is because it seems like someone has taken a file to it or something rather than general use but it just looks real weird.


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