20. Puma 70’s Champs – Basket Boston


I have had a big break from purchasing new shoes lately (thank you video games) so usually I would post my latest purchases for each 5th post but instead what we have here is one of the rare used pairs of shoes in my collection.

These shoes were on my target list for quite a while when I first obtained a pair of shoes from this set but are so rare to pop up that I accepted a used set which are in pretty decent shape. These shoes are nicknamed the Boston 70’s Champs and are based off the NBA team Boston Celtics.20161126_150518.jpg

As you may have guessed the series these shoes fall under are NBA championship teams from the 1970s and this specific set feature the colourway for the Boston Celtics. One of the main reasons why I liked these shoes is that there is a lot of green, I love green on a shoe. The other, much larger reason is that by and large these shoes are basically a standard set of Basket shoes until you look at the heel wrap.20161126_150527.jpg20161126_150534.jpg

As you can see there is a silhoutte skyline of Boston that wraps around the heel part of this shoe. I think that is a really superb little design choice to make these shoes unique and are featured on the other specific teams in this series. Other than that though there is only one other unique feature of these shoes and that is the internal padding of the shoe features their most prominent year in which the team won (in this instance  1975 is featured).

Year of Release: February 2008
Used, great condition, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: 70’s Champs



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