What is this?

Welcome to Black9, a website blog thing dedicated to recording all the dumb purchases I have made in the form of shoes. Please click Latest posts for all the hot new updates.


Taking it a few steps back my obsession of obtaining interesting shoes started when I was intrigued in skate culture from Globe to Etnies to Osiris shoes. This expanded and Infected me for a very short period when I noticed the boom in popularity for Nike SD Dunks however what has hooked me to this day is the interesting and crazy collaborations that Puma as a shoe company creates.
Throughout this blog as I update it you will see all the various shoes that I have attempted to obtain, some with their brand new box, some slightly used,
some that I even question if they are real (but still totally worth having).

20160923_134421.jpgFor now I will be using a wordpress site, but in the meantime of posts I am trying to learn HTML and create a website that is not gaudy for this to live on and will hopefully be able to transfer these posts at a later date.