45. Globe X Sekure D – Mace Hi


It has been a while since I last posted a writeup about a Globe shoe and to kick things off again I will highlight one of my more special sets that I managed ot luck out on a few years ago. Continue reading


30. Globe – Puzzle Rage


With the next post we cover another in a series of shoes that I have that have been discussed before, the Puzzle collection. This time in stead of the Encore shoe we have the Rage shoe and a much darker but very unique cool colourway. Continue reading

23. Globe -Puzzle Encore 2


With this post we debut a new shoe series from the collection within the Globe brand. These shoes have a special place in the Globe lineup of shoes in that not only are they specifically sponsored by a por skater, but the design is made up with the skateboarder in mind. As a result some really funky and cool limited edition colourways are created with these designs. Continue reading