36. Puma Drive Thru – White Basket


The next shoe in the Drive thru range features a cleaner more neutral set of colours but also has (a looser) comparison to a fast food restaurant. Continue reading


34. Puma First Round – “SBL 10A”


With the weirdly titled shoe comes a very unique and interesting collaborative shoe in my collection. Dating back to the end of 2010 these shoes  have some super detailed graphics work I will hopefully be able to highlight in this post. Continue reading

23. Globe -Puzzle Encore 2


With this post we debut a new shoe series from the collection within the Globe brand. These shoes have a special place in the Globe lineup of shoes in that not only are they specifically sponsored by a por skater, but the design is made up with the skateboarder in mind. As a result some really funky and cool limited edition colourways are created with these designs. Continue reading