32. Puma Bode 2 – Black


A long time coming but the next update is worth your while as these shoes are part of one of the most sought after sets in the Puma franchise. These shoes incorporate a shoe with a collaboration with a famous artist known as Vaughn Bode.

Vaughn Bode has quite a few shoes within the Puma franchise but there are few that stand out. Most notably using his iconic character called the Cheech Wizard. What this blog post will cover is a secondary pack of Puma shoes incorporating his Cheech Wizard character.20170312_154204.jpg

Not a great picture but you can see this colourway incorporates a black, yellow and red setup on a standard shoe replacing the back Puma logo with a star and the interior with those same vibrant colours.20170312_154226.jpg

The bode basket shoes are very cool in that they have a sort of moulded star system on them. They are not sticthed on but they are also not screen printed on, they feel like plastic stars stuck on to the panels of the shoe. Along with this they are specifically notified as Puma Bodes on the side and this version of the blacks are very muted.20170312_154249.jpg

With this picture you can see the Cheech Wizard logo on the tongue and further detail on the toe box. These shoes are really cool with its simplistic look onthe outside but the great detail on the inside. I mentioned earlier these are the Puma Bode 2 pack and that is because this is sort of a re-issue of a pack with the original release being very exclusive. The second release consisted of a red, black and grey/silver version and what you see here is the black version (spoiler I have another pair from the “2” pack I will show off in a future post). These are some of my favourite collectible shoes due to the great simple detail that are presented within these shoes and the muted cool colourway that is present (the original Bode drop has a much cooler colourway though).

Year of Release: April/May 2008
Brand new, Original Box,
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Bode20170312_154309.jpg



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