31. Puma Drive Thru- Purple Basket


The next shoe in line is one of my favourites in my collection as the colours absolutely pop and have a superb reference in their nickname.

These shoes are from the Basket line from Puma and the collection called “Drive Thru”. This collection name is given because each shoe is meant to represent one of the most popular fast food chains in China, but as may be the case with these shoes, they are more synonymous with something from the States.20161126_151021.jpg

As you can see these shoes absolutely pop out with their colours as the colourway is a purple, pink and yellow combination. These are some of my favourite colours on shoes as they stand out so much and the first (possibly only) pair of purple shoes I have.20161126_151035.jpg

These shoes have been lovingly nicknamed the Taco Bell as they represent the colours seen in a Taco Bell logo and you can note some of the colours do matchup. Why they might be a popular fast food chain in China is anyones guess. Either way the shoe showcased today is bold, has some amazing colours and is one of my favourites that were in the collection. I recently gave these away as a gift (yes some of these shoes will eventually touch the surface of the earth) so I don’t actually have them anymore but I will fondly miss them.

Year of Release: Feb. 2010
Was Brand new, Original box thrown away
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Drive Thru20161126_151108.jpg


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