30. Globe – Puzzle Rage


With the next post we cover another in a series of shoes that I have that have been discussed before, the Puzzle collection. This time in stead of the Encore shoe we have the Rage shoe and a much darker but very unique cool colourway.

The Rage shoe in this post showcases a lot of new designs for the Globe range of shoes that are different to some of the others which tend to involve unique panneling and a fun colourway.20170312_151635.jpg

The Mark Appleyard Puzzle Rage shoe incorporates a mostly black shoe with a striking red interior and accent colourway which I think is used well. 20170312_151653.jpg

The puzzle piece on this shoe you can see is reflective in nature and is situated on a panel which mimicks the toe area wrap in a cracked concrete sort of pattern. This really helps in making a dull black and red colourway stand out and really makes these shoes look nice.20170312_151706.jpg

As with Globe shoes these are a little bigger than Pumas as they have a ton of padding everywhere, especially the tongue. These are my second favourite Puzzle series shoe while my favourite one will be upcoming in a future update. The Rage shoe however is really nice in its design, it allows for a lot of padding in key areas for skaters and has a very comfy heel and footbed for walking around in.

Year of Release: Autumn 2009
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Globe
Collection/series: Puzzle


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