CE 2: Might and Magic Heroes VII

20170611_182943.jpgLet me preface this post with a statement that I have never played this game or series before, I have heard about it and been tempted to buy it but I have never been involved in learning about it or its characters. This statement will probably be reflected in quite a few of these game collection posts but none more so than this one.

The second collection I will highlight here is the Might and Magic Heroes 7 game which I obtained when the Ubishop was having a deep sale, in total this thing cost me around 10 pounds.20170611_183003.jpg

As you can see this collection includes a nice big statue, a soundtrack, an art book and some tarot card game thing which im sure people familiar with the series will actually know more about. 20170611_183249.jpg

You can see the items mentioned above laid out here, theres also some “lithograph” inserts which as far as I can tell is just some artwork printed on card, nothing very special there.


The statue it self is of this very proud man who I am sure is a leader of some form of clan who has had some battles and scarring. The whole statue seems to be made of plastic and some sections especially the cloak is very bendy but will probably hold its shape well.20170611_183619.jpg

The statue also includes a change of apperance in the form of the head where you can add a version which has his helmet applied. While that is nice and interesting the issue it self is the plastic on my version is a little large so it is a big struggle to fit it in properly and that can lead to an abnormally large neck sticking out the middle.20170611_183817.jpg

If you like this series and have space for the statue (and like the character) then this is a decent collectors edition, the soundtrack is pretty large, the art book is nice and again the tarot cards look like a nice print. Otherwise unless this is on a deep sale or you intend to flip it later I would not suggest obtaining this collectors edition.



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