29. Puma 70’s Champs – Basket Seattle


With this next update I will showcase a second shoe in a series that I have covered before on this blog. Another set of Puma shoes, and another Basket shoe, these have another really cool heel pattern.

These shoes are based off the 70’s Puma championship design which take homage to NBA teams which have showcased themselves during the 70s era of Basketball and this time the Seattle SuperSonics are shown here today.20170312_153914.jpg

These shoes in this set are usually very clean and simple in their colourway borrowing the major colours from their respective teams and used as accent colours on a white base.20170312_153944.jpg

The highlight as always with this series of shoes is the wraparoun dsection in the heel which is an homage to the cities skyline, in this instance the Seattle skyline with the Space needle visible here.


The boston ones we covered previously were a green base but in this instance these shoes are a white base which is a nice different take. The green, white and yellow is a nice colourway and I like these shoes, however as they are hard to find these are not the original box but they appear to be brand new.

Year of Release: 2008
Brand new, not original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: 70’s Champs20170312_153959.jpg


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