CE 1: A new beginning


It has been a while and the output on this blog has been somewhat up and down but I figured adding some extra flavour, a new item to what I will be highlighting here should force me to stay on top of this. So I present you with, video game Collectors editions.

I have been toying with this idea because my wardrobe has been filled with over 15 or so of these massive boxes and because I do not have a space to show off these things yet, I figured I would do it online. So The first Item we will look at is the latest Deus Ex : Mankind Divided Collectors Edition that hit the UK. 20170522_204508.jpg

As you can see the back of the outer box contains spoilers of a steelbook, a figurine and an art book. There is also a bunch of digital content which I assume will be inside the steelbook. 20170522_204618.jpg

The box got a little crunched but the actual presentation box is super nice with this triangular shape and that middle parting which is where the top and bottom sections separate in a gold reflective material. 20170522_204713.jpg

Within the box, this is literally it, no real padding or anything, so if this box tips upside down naturally things are likely to shake loose. You can see that the Jensen figurine is in position and the game and book sit behind him in a slot.20170522_205211.jpg

There is no easy way to take a picture of this because it is all shiny but it is a pretty generic steelbook edition, nothing fancy to this one whatsoever.20170522_204805.jpg

The Jensen figurine comes with two extra pieces besides the base, one is a supressor attachment and the other I… have no clue what it does, there is no obvious slot or insert hole for that clear plastic thing and it doesn’t interact with the base either.20170522_204932.jpg

The biggest issue with this figurine is that on its base it is super angled and the base is real light, meaning it is very prone to toppling over. Other than that it actually is a real nice item, there is nice detailing, the paintwork is pretty decent and the nano shield thing that is happening on the  legs is really really nice.20170522_204927.jpg

I am not quite sure what to end this with, usually there is four or so lines of dates, collection/series and so on but there is no real specificity in these, I thought about adding how much these all cost me but some are so old I have completely forgotten so I guess enjoy these pictures and hopefully in the future I might make unboxing equivalents on youtube.


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