27. Puma X Mihara Yasuhiro – Ketchup Orange.com


Todays post covers another set of MY shoes, this time taking on a more colourful and rather standard shoe design approach. While that is the case with this set it still might be one of my favourite sets from the MY series.

Weirdly titled the MY-25 features a colourway of “ketchup and Orange.com” and when you see the colours in action on this set of hi-tops, they don’t dissapoint. 20170312_154832.jpg

Featuring a tonal difference between vibrant and muted orange colours these shoes have a very fun colourway to look at with the rear upper and the top toe box featuring a very shiny cloth material while everything muted is more of a leather type material.20170312_154842.jpg

With this side view you can see the design of this shoe in more detail. I really like the velcro top section with thick laces as well as the candy like layering on the outersole. While as I stated above that in a design point of view these shoes are not very unique compared to other MY sets the colourway shown with this version is really enjoyable and I like the vibrant and muted red or orange tones with the white alternate colour that is being shown on this shoe.

Year of Release: sometime in 2009
Brand New, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Mihara Yasuhiro20170312_154935.jpg


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