26. Puma – First Round ‘Space Gray’


The next set of shoes in this blog involve another first round set with no special collaborations or artists but rather just a really cool colourway.

The Puma First Round Space Gray is a nickname that I have added to these shoes because of the really cool colourway that is involved with these shoes.20170312_153038.jpg

The base of the shoe is black and features a slow formed pattern which turns into a grey (but doesn’t go as far as changing into white). The main material of this involves a shiny patent leather design and is featured throughout the shoe.20170312_153057.jpg

The side view shows this grading a lot better which it might not be obvious but is sort of dotted and patterned as it goes up the shoe. The reason I nicknamed these the Space Gray shoes is because the colourway reminds me of the off white and grey that is usually related to spacesuits or other various space related gear.20170312_153110.jpg

As I mentioned above these shoes are not very special but I obtained them partially as they were super cheap and also because of this interesting colourway.

Year of Release: Summer 2016
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Misc. First Round20170312_153130.jpg


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