25. Converse X DC – Harley Quinn 2


As the title suggests this is another Converse X DC set (it really is the only Converse type of shoe that I will buy) and expanding on that it is another graphic focusing on the character Harley Quinn.

The Converse harley Quinn 2 pack is a second and alternate colourway of the character harley Quinn. While I personally have given this the number 2, I do not have accurate information if this is actually the second colourway they have done focusing on her, rather it is just the second shoe that I have obtained focused on her.20161126_135643.jpg

Normally the first picture shown in these blog posts show off all you need to really see with the shoe but that is not the case with these Converse X DC shoes as the side panel print is really the highlight of the shoe.20161126_135653.jpg

The outer side wall shows off a portrait selfie like shot of the lady in question and I feel it is also helped dramatically by having the usual Converse circular tag on the inside panel to allow for a clean showing of this picture.20161126_135703.jpg

The inner wall of these shoes is just as great in terms of art quality as it shows a Harley Quinn in action almost wrapping around said Converse stamp with simple but smart background accents.20161126_135721.jpg

This shot shows the custom laces that you get with these shoes as well as the interior panneling with their own custom art prints. It is safe to say that this pair is easily my favourite pair of Converse shoes that I have picked up so far. In part it is the colourful and great character of original comics Harley Quinn and also in part to how they have stylised these shoes to accomodate as many unique panels of art as they could have.

Year of Release: October 2016
Brand new, Original Box
Brand: Converse
Collection/Series: Converse X DC


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