24. Puma – Tatau Africa


With the splash image leaving nothing behind the curtain the next set of shoes are a unique set in my collection which I don’t have any other pairs in their style and I am not sure if they are collectible or if they are rare to find. Either way they are pretty interesting in their own right!

The shoes at hand today are the Puma Tatau Africa shoes specifically in a black coffee and green sulphur colour according to the box.20170312_153639.jpg

As you can see these are completely different to all the previous Puma shoes that I have recorded on this blog so far. They are high tops, they have a completely different singular panel design, they don’t have the usual puma circle on the back, the eyelet design is different and so is the tongue. Just about everything in this shoe speaks to a uniqueness in its design from the original standard Puma shoe styles.20170312_153658.jpg

You can see in this side shot that the tongue and the toe cap are one panel of material while the side panels curve and stitch to the back with the yellow (green sulphur?) accents. I really like the almost paint brush swirling that appears on the front of the shoe while the side panels are a more standard material approach. It seems that these shoes are inspired by African simple designs in its toe cap swirling to its simple approach. More on this is shown with the sole of the shoe which is also pretty unique to this shoe.

Year of Release: middle of 2010
Brand New, Original Box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Misc. Tatau Africa20170312_153728.jpg


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