23. Globe -Puzzle Encore 2


With this post we debut a new shoe series from the collection within the Globe brand. These shoes have a special place in the Globe lineup of shoes in that not only are they specifically sponsored by a por skater, but the design is made up with the skateboarder in mind. As a result some really funky and cool limited edition colourways are created with these designs.

This post features the Encore 2 White editions as designed by skateboarder Mark Appleyard. I should point out immediately that these shoes are in a used condition and I had to actually purchase them from a seller in Spain. Saying that other than the sole needing slight cleanup they are largely in a great condition with no real tears or patches and could be considered street fresh with a little care given to them.20170312_152100.jpg

The initial picture doesn’t quite give the pair of shoes justice considering the colourway design here is almost all white.20170312_152126.jpg

From this second image you can see that on certain panels theres a cross mark impring on the panel which gives a nice feature and has an almost egg shell white colour as an alternate colour which can be seen on the tongue and tongue upper.20170312_152118.jpg

This is all prominently highlighted in this side panel which shows the standard Encore 2 design with the 2 vertical lamost snakeskin like panels and more cross stitched type side panels. The Puzzle series is noted with the rear side panel of each shoe having a special impression of a puzzle piece (as well as the box being littered with puzzle pieces all interconnected). As you can see with this side shot some of these panel materials look a little worn and thats why it is pretty obvious that these are a used pair of shoes.

Year of Release: Earliest recording I can find is 2010
Used pair, Original box (although very haggard)
Brand: Globe
Colelction/Series: Puzzle20170312_152155.jpg


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