19. Globe X Microsoft – Liberty ‘Halo 4’

20161015_132848.jpgThese are one of the more special shoes in my collection even though they were in the mass produced end they are still oen of the more special collaborations that I have. Introducing the Globe Halo 4 skate shoes.

These shoes are a collaboration between Globe and Microsoft studios who have worked on previous shoes together to celebrate not only a 10 year anniversary for the Halo franchise but also to highlight their game Halo 4 which was also about to hit shelves around the same time these shoes hit.20161015_133030.jpg

Based off the liberty shoe design from Globe they feature a super thick padding all around and lots of leather panels with the Master Chief green colour and yellow alternate colour around. There are so many Halo specific features to this shoe featuring that back heel Halo name and tongue name, the insert foot padding, the box and even the paper feature unique Halo branding. 20161015_133101.jpg

The side panel on the liberty shoe features an extruded sort of section which gives off a nice 3d effect as well as ‘117’ etched into the side panel. These shoes are a really nice collaboration piece.20161015_132833.jpg


As this was released during the Halo 4 release these shoes are specifically themed to that game rather than the 10 year franchise celebration but still have a really nice design to them.

Year of Release: November 2012
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Globe
Collection/Series: Halo



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