18. Converse X DC – Wonder Woman


It has been far too long since the last post was made on this blog so to bring us back into everything today we have a new pair of Converse collab shoes with DC. Specifically the super lady Wonder Woman.

These shoes feature the same Converse High tops that featured in the previous posts but feature Wonder Woman as the main print on the shoe.20161126_135917.jpg

Hopefully it is just me but I ALWAYS confuse the Wonder Woman logo with the old WWF logo and it always freaks me out. 20161126_135926.jpg

On one side of the shoe you can see a full image of Wonder Woman flying around a cityscape background.20161126_135952.jpg

While the other side is another angle of her and a close up shot of her face. Something about the prints on these shoes are really nice and I think it is in part that they focus on the comic book characters which already are superbly drawn and fleshed out. The hair in these images are well detailed too. I prefer these DC Converse collaborations when the standard Converse logo is see through as it avoids hindering the image that you have on the shoe. 20161126_140009.jpg

The interior of the shoe has the WW logo all over it and the shoes come with alternate white WW logo laces which are also really cool.

Year of release: September/October 2016
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Converse
Collection/Series: Converse X DC


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