17. Puma First Round – Flipper Cray White


These shoes are from the First Round series and are naturally high top shoes. You may also notice the name is similar to the 14th post in this list and that is because it is the same shoe but with a different colourway that we will go through.

The first post in this blogs history we will detail the same shoe with a different colourway. A colourway is a shorthand term for differentiating the exact same model type of a shoe. For example Nike Air Force 1 shoes tend to have the exact same generic build and shape and the colourway differentiates them between an all yellow, a rainforest green or solar red design. This is different to custom changes to the shoe such as panel material swaps, like Suede to leather or nubuck and even different to when custom graphics are introduced to the shoe (Puma basket shoes have lots of graphic differentiations or for example when companies collaborate together like the custom BAPE shoes).20161126_150834.jpg

These shoes are similar in design to the black edition but have slightly different colours, resulting in a brighter more candy like shoe. I really like these two colourways for the first round shoe as they really shine out and produce a really nice glossy look.20161126_150847.jpg

Instead of a sky blue Puma swoosh these shoes feature the black featured in the other shoe and I think it fits in really well. I also like these shoes a lot as sky blue is a really cool colour and it features a lot on this shoe. As seen these also come with a bunch of different coloured laces to really make these shoes funky if you so wish.20161126_150919.jpg

Year of Release: 2011
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Flipper Cray


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