16. Puma X Mihara Yasuhiro – MY-7 Jazz Reborn


A new day, a new pair of shoes coming from the collaboration between Puma and Mihara Yasuhiro. These are probably the most unique visually pair of shoes from this collab that I have in my collection and today I will try and highlight all the fun features this shoe has to offer.

The Puma MY 7 is a shoe that follows a similar outline of the MY collaboration which involves “what if we cut two shoes in half and glued them together”. This pair stands out from the standard fare however by introducing a fun unique piano style print (referencing the Jazz reborn monicker).20161126_151412.jpg

I really like the look of these shoes which are predominantly black and whit, however have a really cool pattern on their upper and seem to be merged between a standard Puma shoe and a sports shoe in the heel section.20161126_151425.jpg

The Puma branded swoosh thing (I can never figure out what to call it) and the rear pulling bit of material have a similar textured design. Above you can see the interesting heel design as well as the standard metal tag with MYs logo on it. These shoes have an abundance of coolness to them and aren’t as out there as other MY designs so as to be very usable on the street. It is small but the grip of these shoes are all red, and I would have really enjoyed it if some parts of this shoe had very minor red elsewhere to get a little away from the piano keys and black/white theme but that is just me.20161126_151448.jpg

Year of Release: 2011 or earlier (some sources say the MY-7 started in 2002, some have tags of buying new ones in 2011)
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Mihara Yasuhiro


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