15. Vans – Toy Story Bumper edition


This is going to be a big one. Every five shoes I will post my latest purchase and its only fair that I cover all three of these shoes at the same time. Since they were first announced I have been in love with these shoe designs and I am super happy that I was able to find them.

As the title suggests, today is the Vans X Toy Story collaboration and the lead image shows three boxes, and three shoes is what we will cover today. Two of the low tops have the same Vans design, the Vans “Old Skool”, while the high top is a “sk8-hi”.20161209_214347.jpg

As you can see all three shoes have the same Vans line run through the mid section of the upper though but each shoe is very unique to each character that they are paying homage to.

Vans Old Skool – Buzz Lightyears


First up is the Buzz lightyear shoes. They are the simplest and cleanest of the three on display today. Featuring a white, lime green and purple colourway that pays respects to Buzz Lightyears main colours they work quite well and look great together.20161209_214646.jpg

These shoes have three multi coloured eyelets referencing Buzz’s three buttons on his chest and also some printed “screws” in sections to further link to Buzz and his appearance in the films.20161209_214756.jpg

These shoes feature the “ANDY” scribble mark on the sole and I think thats an amazing little touch that Vans decided to add to these shoes. They only appear on the Buzz lightyears and the Woodys.

Vans SK8-HI – Bo Peeps


Every time I look at these, the more they grow on me. These are aptly named the Bo Peeps as they are meant to link to the same character in Toy Story. Featuring pink suede, a dotted fabric upper and a cute frilly Vans swoopy style line these have a lot of fun unique properties.20161209_214531.jpg

The colourway of muted pink, aqua sky blue and the muted yellow with pink dots fit perfectly together and create a fun unique looking shoe. The Buzz lightyears are rather boring on the inside material however these replicate the box they come in and have a sky blue background with lots of clouds printed all over.20161209_214554.jpg

Vans Old Skool – Woodys

Arguably the most sought after of the collection andd the best looking, the Woody shoes represent the lead character from the films but also have the most detail in the design.20161209_214903.jpg

Featuring Denim material in most of the upper and a cow print with a leather Vans swoop the colourway is the most interesting of the three but it fits the character approrpaitely.20161209_214916.jpg

These shoes easily stand out the most and like the Bo Peeps also have details on the inner fabric which replicates Woodys flannel shirt.20161209_214959.jpg

As these shoes also feature the “ANDY” mark they also have a fun unique little touch to them.

Year of Release: November 2016
Brand new, Original boxes
Brand: Vans
Collection/Series: Toy Story20161203_124953.jpg



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