14. Puma First Round – Flipper Cray Black


These shoes wish they were made in the 80s in the hope that they could have been stained on some light up disco floor. Sadly they are a recent design and live somewhere in my stacks but that doesn’t stop them from shining when theres light on them.

Today we explore a new Puma First Round shoe. First Round shoes tend to be high tops which feature a padded out top section and the typical Puma swoosh at the bottom. These are pretty standard design wise, however, the colourway is some of the best I have seen.20161126_151254.jpg

These shoes feature a high gloss leather upper with candy neon colours everywhere. There is excellent dotted detailing on all the coloured sections. These are womens shoes so they are slimmer in the middle area and have a more slimline profile to them.20161126_151300.jpg

Sadly I have tried three or four times to take photos of these shoes but I can never get the right setup to show the funky shine that the colourful sections have, its almsot like a glossy vinyl you would see at a 70s diner. I also like the colourful sholeace eyelets that are used in the upper section of this shoe.20161126_151306.jpg

The First Round shoe is very similar in design to the Puma basket in the lower section and the upper section is very similar to some of the Deadmau5 shoes that I have in my collection. I also like the multiple colourful shoelaces that are supplied with this shoe (even though its a lacey mess inside the shoe currently).20161126_151320.jpg

Year of Release:  2011
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Flipper Cray


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