13. Globe X Thrasher – Heathen


A post highlighting a new design of shoe from Globe with a very famous collaborator. These shoes will surely push your skating to the edge.

Yes Globe decided to team up with the skateboarding magazine Thrasher to create a line of shoes and today we have the Heathen model to highlight.20161126_140121.jpg

These shoes have a lot of cool style to them. From the heel tag normally sporting Globes logo showing a flamed out Thrasher logo to the toe caps sole having an imprint saying Skate or Die, Live to Skate.20161126_140156.jpg

The black and orange colourway is really noticeable and a very nice choice as the orange therefore stands out really well along with an interesting material print on the tongue cover.20161126_140217.jpg

These shoes while initially look mostly black have some really awesome style features to them all the way down to the box design. This might be one of my favourite box designs I have in my collection which highlights a few front covers and a stack of old issues of the magazine.20161126_140314.jpg

Year of Release: April 2012
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Globe
Collection/Series: Thrasher


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