12. Puma – Laundry Basket


Another post, another miscellaneous pair of Puma shoes. This time they have a fun colourway and interesting material choices which allows for a simple, yet stylish shoe.

More shoes from China by way of the internet these shoes have been nicknamed the Laundry Basket and it is easy to see why. With vibrant pastel colours on the sole and an interesting flat style purple the shoe has a lot of interesting colour choices.20161015_134142.jpg

This pair has a retro almost late 80’s vibe to them with the Puma cat logo and the colourway presently shown. 20161015_134216.jpg

Even the side logo has a retro feel and features a textile side panel which lends it self to the theme of the shoe (which also has a great nickname of the laundry basket considering the shoe is a Basket II design). Sadly there is not much else to say about this pair of shoes other than the cool design and colourway that occurs.20161015_134235.jpg

Year of Release: February 2010
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Misc.


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