11. Globe – Asbo


These shoes are another pair of skate shoes from Globe and have a bunch of jokey cool unique parts to it. Labelled the Asbo, it is easy to see where it gets its name from when you understand the collaborator.

Yes the Globe Asbo is a collaboration shoe where Globe requested Matthew Pritchard to design a line of shoes linking to his barbershop SWYD (Sleep When You’re Dead). It won’t surprise me if you do not know of this name because he was part of a crew called the Dirty Sanchez and made it big as the UK equivalent of Jackass, except being from the UK (specifically Wales) their jokes and pranks were more extreme than what Jackass was doing at the time. As a result they obtained a status of being troublemakers wherever they go, hence the nickname Asbo for this shoe (An Asbo in the UK is short for Anti Social Behaviour Order).20161015_134739.jpg

As you can see the shoe features a reference to SWYD on the back and the Globe tongue logo has a cowboy hat (which is an item of clothing linked to Matt). These shoes are interesting as they are a standard skate shoe but half of the upper features a denim fabric with cutouts highlighting printed art. This is the black version but there were other colours available.20161015_134832.jpg

The graphic design of these shoes is very much sex, drugs and rock and roll. Other unique features are the custom box print of a lady in a thong (or maybe a man, its unknown), a “party pocket” on the tongue as well as an opaque sole with a guitar visible underneath. I love shoes with opaque soles but sadly I only have very few of them in this collection.


Year of Release:  January 2008
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Globe
Collection/Series: SWYD



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