10. Puma X Mihara Yasuhiro -My 56


With the 10th post comes  a brand new buy and these are ones which I casually stumbled upon while I was doing some scanning for more shoes, they were kind of cheap and you can see why with the box, but otherwise they are a brand new set and a super interesting design.

The Puma MY 56 is another collaboration shoe with Mihara Yasuhiro, a Japanese artist who designs a lot of fashionable clothing. These shoes are based off Puma Clyde lowtops and predominantly use suede as the material of choice. The colourway is a simple black and white but that is where the simplicity in these shoes end.20161110_190359.jpg

As you can see these shoes 3D plastic like circular shapes all around them. It is a super unique design which makes these shoes look super cool.20161110_190615.jpg20161110_190516.jpg

What I like most is shown in the picture above and below where in the above picture it highlights that the shoes actually have two different patterns in the cut out sections. It makes each side somewhat unique. And in the below picture you can actually see that no section is safe (besides the Puma logo in the back of the shoe) where the signature Puma side swoosh thing has been cut out too.20161110_190545.jpg

Interestingly enough these shoes use a normal Puma sole grip design and not one that Mihara Yasuhiro is known for, why that is I am not entirely sure but there you go. The usual quirks of an MY shoe still appear with a metallic badge on the side of each shoe and the tongue logo having an art splat logo of the artist.20161110_190710.jpg

Year of Release: September 2011
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Mihara Yasuhiro20161110_190835.jpg


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