9. Puma X Mihara Yasuhiro – My-61 UnCamo L


This next box of shoes is an interesting one, and a set of shoes that I got involved in somewhat recently. They are still Puma shoes but have their own unique quirks about them, including the box they come in, which is a slide out design.

The collection at hand is the collaboration between Puma and a Japanese artist known as Mihara Yasuhiro. His designs are very unique and can be spotted from a distance as being uncanny. With the Puma series he has aimed to focus on labeling these with numbers, specifically the MY-61 shown off today. Furthermore there are unique colourways within the number format, UnCamo is being shown in this post.20161015_135654.jpg

As you can see the name for these shoes match their design. Featuring a super colourful colour splat design through the entire shoe it is almost the opposite of camouflage. There are other noticeable differences with these shoes, the Puma tongue logo features Mihara Yasuhiros brand logo of a paint splat as well as the outer sole has a stamp with his name.20161015_135726.jpg

The showpiece of these my-61 shoes though is that the designer has opted to extend the mid sole “tape” to the middle and upper panels of the shoe. This design is really striking and cool to see as it appears as if its one single designed piece of rubber. 20161015_135827.jpg

Even the grip is different in these shoes as they appear to show a sort of waffle grip with what I like to think of as little fox heads. This type of waffle grip is very common in MY shoes as is some form of reference to his splat logo, usually in the form of a tag or a stitched element. The one problem I have with these shoes is that while they have an awesome design, the shoe box is really tough to pile up as they have a super weak top section, so these boxes have to stay at the top of my stack.

Year of Release: 2nd Half 2012
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Mihara Yasuhiro20161015_135539.jpg


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