8. Puma X Deadmau5 – Grey Street Jump Low


With the eight post on this website, comes along the second pair of shoes from one of the most famous mouse out there. These Deadmau5 shoes are honestly not very awesome to look at but it does highlight a new design of shoe from Puma that will be featured more in this archive.

Similar to the first Deadmau5 shoe on this website there are a lot of custom features on this shoe that are Deadmau5 branded, from laces, to even the shoe paper it self.20161009_115401.jpg

The lace holder metal bar is present, blue custom Deadmau5 laces and the tongue branding tag all are similar to the previous shoe with their own Deadmau5 quirks however the Deadmau5 logo on the heel at the back is slightly different due to the design of this Puma shoe. As you can see there is no alternate coloured insert section and the logo is just “stamped” in place in stead.20161009_115459.jpg

The shoe features a different side wall design with the standard Puma swish style but also a main colour wraparound panel which is dotted and has a tactile feel as you move your finger over it. Also if you look closely you can see a hatched design on the white swish which adds a small unique feature to this shoe. The image above also shows in two states the tongue hologram tag inbetween the Puma logo and the Deadmau5 logo.20161009_115545.jpg

Another thing which makes the shoe slightly different to the others is the white shoe floor which has a unique wrap around section in the front and back which have an interesting pattern to it self. Also the alternate colour to this shoe is blue but you only really see it inside the shoe, on the sole and on the eyelets which is a shame as it is a really nice vibrant blue colour.

Year of Release: July 2011
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Deadmau5



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