7. Globe Magnum – UBF


This post will detail the first skate shoe that I have in the collection. The chosen brand, Globe is one of my favourites and originates from Australia.

I say skate shoes with this post because skate shoes tend to have a few differences in design compared to the other shoes that I have listed in this blog. First and most importantly there is padding and support everywhere. From a much thicker tongue and side panels to thicker ankle walling. 20161015_135158.jpg

Similar to the Converse style there is a wrap around midsole to withstand the friction from grip tape on skateboards and you can see the much thicker tongue. The shoe design in question on the outside is a very simple but nice looking white and black colourway with a few promotional sections such as the red colouring to the logo on the tongue.20161015_135301.jpg

Looking at the outer wall we can see a van logo that is linked to a skateboarding media series called United By Fate. As with most skateboard videos it has a bunch of high profile skaters touring together to find and create cool skate tricks and thats what the van symbolizes. The Red and blocky labelling is the font style that the UBF series tends to use.20161015_135354.jpg

Inside the shoe on the foot bedding you can see the van with the two tone white and black along with the actual name of the shoe and a large list of all the featured prominent skateboarders in the series.

While these shoes are very minimal in design, they hold a small significance to pay homage to one of the more well known skate videos that are out there that may have inspired people to take on the extreme sport.

Year of Release: first quarter of 2009
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Globe
Collection/Series: N/A (misc. shoes)



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