6. Puma Basket -Zhu


This post will feature another Chinese import with quite a few special features to customize and make this Puma Basket shoe unique to all the others.

These are a really nice looking white and green colourway with a bunch of unique features circled around the shoe. Most prominently on the back of the shoe instead of the usual circular shape surrounding the Puma logo we in stead see this plat motif that has been stitched on. The alternate lace is a thick shiny gold colour that matches nicely with the extra designs involved in this shoe.20161015_133417.jpg

The Puma “swish” pattern on the basket is also coloured green but appears to also be speckled with gold coloured flakes. Furthermore underneath the Puma name after “Basket” there is a Chinese/Japanese symbol of which I don’t know what it means.


The unique additions do not end there with the padding where your feet also features a unique set of Chinese writing, I tried my best to take a photo of it shown below.20161015_133603.jpg

Sadly the date sticker thing is faded but I can read that it was released sometime in 2008 and as far as I am aware these are not part of any series or collection of shoes.

Year of release: Second half of 2008
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: N/A (misc. shoes)




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