5. Converse X DC – Sirens


With the fifth post on this website I figured I should introduce a new posting concept where every 5 or so shoes I will focus on the latest pair of shoes that I have obtained, this may fluctuate based on if I have bought shoes recently or not but it will hopefully be able to highlight some recent shoes that I am finding. The latest pair? These collaboration shoes with Converse and DC.

Normally I do not really like Converse shoes, they are made up of super thin, non supportive materials and seem really simple in design. That is until I saw the collaboration that they have been making with the Comic company DC.20161009_114934.jpg

The pair highlighted today are a recent release (so you should still be able to find them as of this post) with the theme of the comic line “Gotham City Sirens” which feature the most popular female characters in Gotham city helping each other out in storylines. These shoes have a great white, blue and black base style and on one side features an excerpt which is super hard to read and on the other side the main characters.20161009_115051.jpg

As you can see Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn (in original comics attire, the best attire) feature here.

Year of release: September/October 2016
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Converse
Collection/Series: Converse X DC



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