4. Puma Basket II – Soda (Diet Coke)


The pair of shoes we have in this box features a really cool clean and shiny look to them and are another set of my favourite design, the Basket 2. They are also another pair from China with an interesting take on a popular brand.

The Puma Soda pack is actually a collection of colourways that have come from China that have taken on four well known brands around the world: Fanta; Root Beer; Coca-Cola and the pair we have here, the Diet Coke.20161001_155226.jpgThe pair feature a very shiny silver main colour with a plastic shiny 2nd colour to match the Diet Coke cans design. These are really cool shoes to see in person and sadly my camera was not able to show off the vibrancy of the material, especially in the red plastic type material. Other than the colourway it is largely the same shoe as a normal Basket with tags and normal Puma logo.
One nice custom feature is that on the interior of the shoe you can see there is a custom design that is meant to resemble soda bubbles which shows a lot of little attention to detail and its hard to see in these photos but the red material around the show actually has lots of little stitched holes in them. I really like this silver and vibrant red colourway but sadly these are the only pair that I have been able to find.20161001_155207.jpgOne thing that I have not been able to confirm is the release dates of these shoes as while there are more sources for this shoe (from November 4th 2009) on the box it has a 25th October 2009 date almost exactly the same as the Penguins but a year earlier. Looking at other shoes in my collection with this same sticker and articles about them it seems that the date lines up with release or manufacturing date.

Year Of Release: 25th October 2009
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/Series: Soda Pack / Misc.



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