3. Puma X Deadmau5 – Dallas Black


For the third post on this archive I felt like the second largest collection of mine should be addressed along with a brand new design of Puma shoe. Meet one of the more recent shoe collaborations with Deadmau5.

Puma and Deadmau5 have been a collaborating team for a while now, spanning from the middle of 2011 he has been able to have custom branded Puma shoes all the way up to the more recent Dallas shoe. I find the Puma Dallas is similar to both the basket and the suede variants featuring the suede style of thin tongue while the middle of the panels tend to look like a thinner version of the basket.20161001_155013.jpgThese shoes have  a few noticeable custom additions. From the back of the shoe instead of the typical Puma logo, the Deadmau5 mask appears instead along with a metal silver lace guard at the bottom of the black laces which say deadmau5. Finally the tongue Puma panel features an interesting holographic type design which changes from the Puma brand logo and the Deadmau5 mask logo.

20161001_155031.jpgAnother little custom feature is instead of the tag saying “Dallas” it says “Deadmau5” and again features the mask of the Musician. What is new with the design of the Dallas shoe is the toe box seems to have an extra panel, similar to a Nike air force 1 and kind of reminds me of school shoes.

One issue when researching this shoe is that I was unable to find a release date for this item. The issue is the first wave of Deadmau5 shoes did not feature this shoe and there is no information on other waves other than a first available date for these on Amazon.

Year of Release: August 2013 (earliest post on Amazon)
Brand new, Original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/series: Deadmau5




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