2. Puma Basket II – Penguins A


Going in a different direction to the first post, this second post features a pair of shoes that were bought around the middle stages of adding to the collection. Further from this this is a brand new unworn, in original box pair that have come from China!

Today we have another pair of Pumas, this time from my favourite style known as the Basket (or Basket II). The Basket shoe is very similar in design to the Puma Suede except most or all of the panels tend to be leather. Another difference is the tongue tends to be more padded and a better fit when wearing.

20160923_135358.jpgSeen above the shoes in this post are almost exclusively arctic white and feature special shiny laces to go with the white ones along with a custom made Penguin tongue tab. What I like most about this shoe is while it is very simple and minimal in its design it also has some very unique features shown on the sides of the shoe.

20160923_135443.jpgAs you can see there is a few friendly penguins coming along for your walks. These penguins seem to be glued in position and are felt/suede like when touched. These shoes are a white variant and there is a black version of these shoes out in the world too, however I feel like the white version looks better with the grey penguins.

Naturally as these shoes seem to have come from China, its very hard to find actual information about them, however there is a handy tag that is on the box which seems to have all the information i need… in written Chinese. My assumption however, is that these shoes were made or released on the 25th October 2010.

Year of Release: 25th October 2010?
Brand new, Original Box
Brand: Puma
Collection/series: N/A (Misc. shoes)




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