1. Puma X Yo! MTV Raps – BDK (Euro)

Arguably the first shoe that started this all. I was trundling around ebay looking for spare shoes to put on my feet to impress all the first year University ladies and found these beautiful shoes and had to have them. As a result I committed to my first pair of shoes that would create this monster I call my shame stack. This shoe started it all for me, and therefore starts this blog website off.
When I first laid eyes upon these, they were perfect for me. At the time i was a big hip hop junkie, I was just getting back into my 90’s american hip hop roots and I always love dumb flashy shoes. This combines all of them into one.

The 2007 Yo! MTV Raps X Puma Big Daddy Kane shoe is from a line of shoes that Puma collaborated with MTV, namely the old Yo! MTV Raps brand and show which featured some of the biggest and best up and coming hip hop artists on its show. As a result this line of shoes features them such as MC Shan, Doug E. Fresh and DJ Cash Money. These shoes are an homage to the legend, Big Daddy Kane. Based on a Puma Suede design and featuring a really funky mid design and a trademark thick stitched in gold chain to complete the rear this shoe oozes style. These are the red European release design, there is a black American version which I do not have in my collection.

As a result I have worn these once but decided to retire them early on as I was unable to find worthy days to wear them (which also brought on my dumb idea to forever keep all of my shoes boxfresh and never wear them). While these may be used, they may not come with their original box and they may also be missing accessories; these are still in my top 5 most favourite shoes I have ever added to this collection.

Year of Release: 2007 (Deadstock)
Used, Not original box
Brand: Puma
Collection/series: Yo! MTV Raps



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